Story snippet

I couldn’t remember much after the experiment.It went dangerously wrong, but that wasn’t the curse released upon us, the experiment gave me only minor burns but burned half the faces off of the majority of the people researching something that I cant seem to remember. The curse came much later.  My eyes have grown weary from all the studying, I was one of those students if I did not study Id failed terribly. It was my second year of college, not sure how a managed to get this far.  “Get to class!” one of the student yelled, well not a just a student my best friend, his name was Garyson a vary strange name not that it was a bad name, it was okay it just didn’t appeal to me. I found out his name meant son of the gray haired one. On my way to class I noticed the jocks where skipping class not like anyone cared any way most of them just got a free ride to college because how grate they where at football or any other sport, the majority couldn’t speck proper English, well I couldn’t much ether but it wasn’t as bad as there’s. They watched me as I pass by them trying to ignore their prying eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder what they where thanking. I finally reached the last door on the left “astrophysics class”. I moaned in disappointment. I opened the door slowly trying to not disturb anyone. They all gazed in my direction. “Oh pleas stop” I murmured.  It was like they where seeing into my vary soul, it gave me the chills just thanking about it.  I crept to my seat. The room had five large steps and on them where long black tables with ten chars at each one. It was an odd arrangement. I took my seat closest to the window. Usually Grayson would take the seat next to me, but a pretty new student that I had not seen walk in sat beside me. I couldn’t help but blush a little.  She turned her head towards me. “Is this astrophysics?” she asked softly. I could feel my check getting hot. “Yes ” I replied. “What’s your name?”  I managed to ask. It was strange usually I had trouble taking to anyone because I was painfully shy but it must have been something about her. She had beautiful blue eyes and blue-black hair, and a thin small frame; she seemed to be only about five foot three.“Akemi.” She said gracefully. “What’s yours.” she asked “Asher” I replied. The door shut and the teacher, Mr. crown walked in with his professor robe and his unmanageable hair. He was an older man rather slender and vary tall about six four, he towered over most of us. He didn’t say a word he just wrote what we where to work on the bored then left us to our own devices.


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