Day one: Here is an overview of what Iv been through, About two years ago almost three I started a novel. It was inspired by a dream,  literary a dream the kind when you sleep. I classified it under Sci-fi. It was about this girl who’s parents had died, and she had to stay with her grandparents. She tries to figure out how here parents died. On one day after school she starts to hear things. She discover her grandparents torn to bits, and something is in the garage. Sadly I rewrote this one so meany times the story kept changing. Then writers block hit.

Now I have another project I’m working on alone with another. Not as gory as the first project. I found It easier to get more ideas out if I had more than one  project. Writer’s block was depressing, and for me to get out of it I shunned the major project after reaching 57 pages. During the two years I studied more about writers block but nothing worked. I developed my own method. I learned a lode of things to improved my writing as well in the two years. I will tell more about my current projects and what Iv learned. I will also keep you up to date on the projects. Plus How it is to be dyslexic and writing,the struggles I face each day.



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